Wedding Jones

One hundred billion dollars! No not really.

I hate the current trend of saying 'For £800 you'll get 200 pictures. For £1000 you'll get 400...'. There lies madness. I simply look to offer the best work possible in the time allowed. I could never cut 20 good photos just to make up the numbers match (nor would i include 30 average ones just to pad things out).

I therefore base my prices on the amount of time that you want me for. This means an average wedding is around £1000 but there are some things that may drive the price down (eg: one couple asked me to just shoot the ceremony and then a couple of hours at the reception, so that was cheaper).

Conversely, there are some things that would incur added cost:

  • a pre-wedding shoot
  • shooting for longer hours
  • bringing a second photographer (sometimes a good idea if you're having a large wedding, with lots of people)
  • travel and accommodation

The easiest thing to do is to get in touch and let me know what you're wanting and what your budget is. I can then give you options.

Obviously, if you do want to give me one hundred billion dollars, that's totally fine.